3d illusie led lamp

3d illusion led lamp

You will find the best quality 3D illusion lamp at nj kadoos. Our lamps emit light in a fascinating 3D shape that feeds the cognitive and creative mind. A 3D LED lamp with illusion is also easy to order in our online shop.

What can the 3D illusion lamp be used for?

The 3D LED lamp with illusion that you can order online from us is an upgrade for your home, office or workspace. The 3D illusion lamp places you almost anywhere in a room and immediately becomes the center of attention. The 3D illusion lamp emits a hypnotic light and has a dazzling effect due to the 3D shape. In addition, the lamp brightens up any room. The 3D LED lamp illusion that you can order online from us is a statement for every room. Moreover, the LED lighting is just as energy efficient as it is beautiful.

The features of the 3D illusion lamp

De 3D-illusie lamp zorgt voor 50.000 uur licht, dat vooral in een donkere omgeving goed tot zijn recht komt. Dit licht wordt gecreëerd door een energiezuinige led-strip. Deze led-strip wordt in- en uitgeschakeld door middel van een Clean-Touchknop, waardoor er geen schakelaar zichtbaar is aan de voorkant van de 3D-illusie lamp. Hierdoor oogt de lamp erg modern en uniek. Daarnaast kan de lamp automatisch tussen zeven verschillende kleuren schakelen, namelijk: wit, rood, groen, blauw, geel, cyaan en roze. Ondanks deze automatische modus raakt de lamp toch nooit oververhit. De 3D-illusie lamp is verkrijgbaar in meerdere silhouetten.

Uw eigen 3D-ledlamp illusie online bestellen

The 3D illusion lamp is a trendy and great way to brighten up any space. The lamp enchants everyone who looks at it and does so without wasting energy. The 3D LED lamp with illusion has a unique style, a modern and technological look and is easy to order online. Here you will also find other products, such as a wide range of wall decorations, ranging from geometric animals to wooden clocks . Do you have questions? Send a Whatsapp message to 06-15210936 or call 0181-859637 . It is also possible to send an e-mail to info@njkadoos.nl .

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